Red Coral Aquatic Statement Necklace




Live out your under-the-sea fantasies (and come on, who didn’t want to be Ariel when they were little?) with this huge, bold, bright red coral collar. This one’s not for the faint of heart, but I guarantee it will garner plenty of compliments.

I made this with Neil Gaiman’s Delirium from Sandman in mind — the bright red, oddly shaped undersea beads look like something that would be right at home with her orange and blue hair — although Death and Desire could easily pull this off, too.

Warning: this necklace is heavy, weighing in at 6.65 oz (close to half a pound!), so please be aware of that before you buy. It is also somewhat fragile. If you drop or manhandle it, the long coral beads may break.

It is strung on sturdy beading wire with a silver tone clasp and measures about 19 inches long.


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